Sunday, October 31, 2004

The 11th month

Still knitting away.
Halloween was my 23rd Wedding Anniversary. Can't believe we made it this far.
Went out to dinner. Fiona stayed home with her brother so we could go out together. That was nice.
Listening to The original Sound track to Ladder 49. Saw the movie this weekend. Very good.
Also listening to: For The Lady. Dedicated to freeing Aung San Suu Kyi and the courageous people of Burma. Very nice. I realized that Brian knew nothing about their fight for freedom. So I must get him to read some info about it.
Tomorrow I start the BSJ knit along with the Yahoo group. Hope to get a BSJ knit for my nephew. I'm using Lion Brand Baby Soft in Red, Whit and Blue.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated anniversary Dympna and Toni!

Nancy said...

Hi Dympna! I just found out from Christina's blog (Warm Fuzzy Knits) that you have a blog! :-)

I hope you had a great anniversary!

Nancy (fellow BAWDies)

Lynnette said...

Happy Anniversary Dympna. Way to keep plugging along. Glad you guys went to dinner together!

Dympna said...

Thank you everyone.
You know it sure isn't easy to get to 23 years. This morning as is per usual on his days off I was ready to divorce him.
I have no idea how my parents made it to 53 years.
Hope you had a Happy Birthday Nancy.

Thora said...

Happy Belated Anniversary Dympna!! It sounds like a really nice evening.

What is a BSJ?