Tuesday, October 12, 2004


2 nights of work over. Now I'm off for 3. Wonder if I'll get any sleep.
Warm weather back again.
Hope I can enjoy it while I'm off.
Life doesn't always work that way.
Started Heather working on socks for herself. Wonder how much she'll do on her own. LOL
Finished on Broadstreet mitten for Fiona. Working on the second. Just plugging along.
Work busy as ever.
Life busy as ever.
So what else is new. Of course I should be happy I'm alive. Right?


Lynnette said...

Funny, I ask myself that same question.

I hope Heather gets the sock done ok. Socks are a bitch the first couple you do. We can do them in our sleep now. And sometimes we do.

Glad you are having warm weather. It's cold here...supposed to be highs in the 30's by the end of the week. I'm frantically trying to knit mittens and hats.

I look at the Mt Saint Helens webcam and think of you, mostly because "Wow, the sun is just coming up by Dympna now." and "Wow, Dympna still has 2 hours of daylight left" LOL

Dympna said...

OK I slept all night and I could crawl back into bed. What is wrong with me. Other than I work nights.
ARen't the pictures of Mt. St. Helens amazing?
They show them on our news everyday.
Heather will only do the leg and foot of her socks. I'll do the rest. I may teach her how to do the toe.
If they want hand knitted items going to NYC they have to help me out.
Fog this morning and sun coming up now. Hope it is nice but not to warm.
We also have a fire north of us that is giving us trouble with the air quality.