Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Day After

I'm listening to Kerry, right now.

I've been reading blogs this morning. Everyone is depressed and in shock. All I can say is don't give up.
We have 4 years to work.
We can win this fight.
Just hope we can survive the next 4 years. The Democrats have got to stay out there. They can not disapear and then hope we support them in 4 years.
On the knitting front I finished my Bourne Supremecy Scarf. Wrapped around my neck once it comes to my knees. It is very warm. I used 3 skeins. Berroco Medley. I have one skein left. I'm going to try and make me a hat.
I have 24 rows knit on my BSJ(Baby Surprise Jacket).
The next two nights I'll work on my exchange present. Haven't had much time to focus on it lately.
I wish America all the best.


Thora said...

I had a dream last night that my workplace turned into a military state, my hair was buzzed short and I had an army uniform on. I had to print urgent legal docs., and couldn't find my printer. They told me they sent it to Iraq lol...

Way to go on your scarf! That is LONG!

Christina said...

Thanks for the positive words and encouragement. I needed that!

Congrats on finishing the Bourne Supremacy scarf. I have yet to cast on. ;)