Saturday, October 02, 2004

Take a deep breath

Spoke with my sister yesterday. Feel a little better.
My parents have enough every month to pay the rent. Then my sister or myself can get paid to take care of my parents. So that should give them money to pay some of the bills. We already do the work we might as well get some money for it. So we will just leave everything as it is. I'll leave an email for my brother so he knows what is going on. I know this won't solve any problems but maybe everyone can calm down. Including myself.


Thora said...

Sounds like a good solution! Maybe your brother and da will get on better if they don't live with each other.

Lynnette said...

That's good to hear Dympna. You're right--you already care for them, so it will be good to get some money for it. And keep your money in your budget.