Friday, October 29, 2004

Friday. Yea!!!!

Brian is in the 8th grade. Which means he will go to high school next year. Finding a school is not an easy task. In our unified school district you can't always go to your neighborhood school. So I decided that we need to look at the other schools. So last night after a full day of school and his Halloween dance we went to an open house. It has been advertized in his weekly bullitin as an open house. It wasn't it was back to school night for the high school. So we just walked around the campus.
The good point of the school. It is 2 blocks from Fisherman's Wharf. The bad point of the school. It will take him an hour to get there and he has to transfer from a streetcar to a bus.
So he said don't put it down as one of his options. I think he would be willing to go there if he is assigned there, he just doesn't want to let them know.
I don't blame him.
So off to school he goes, with some more knowledge.
Only one teacher asked to have a parent teacher conference with me, no surprise it is English. So hopefully we can help him out English wise.

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