Saturday, December 18, 2004

Twas the week before Christmas

So how many of you are ready for Christmas?
I'm not.
I'm not worried about it, I not depressed about it. I'm just not ready and really don't see how I'll have the time to get ready.
I'll just take it day to day and see what happens.
I work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So I'll end up sleeping all day Christmas day. I'll see if the kids want to wake up early and do gift ro if they want me to go to sleep and wake up so we can do Christmas.
Whatever we decide it will work out.
Maybe the fact I have to work sort of has something to do with my mood.
Somebody has to work Christmas and it is my turn this year. Can't complain.
I have a tree. Just need to get it up so we can decorate it.
I do have a few items to knit up for presents. I'm not even worried about getting them finished on time.
Hope I can stay this calm all week.


Spike said...

Right on!

Reading list mail and hearing the eternal moan of "Oh, no, Christmas AGAIN, and I'm so not ready . . . (long list of self-imposed tasks, beating of chest, ironing of fingers a la Dobby the House Elf)." this is a breath of fresh air.

I, too, am not going to have all the goodies wrapped, cookies baked, and all Good Things in apple-pie order tied up with a perky plaid bow--and I'm not going to send myself 'round the bend in an attempt to do so.

The stuff that's truly important to me will get done, and if it just isn't Christmas for you if there's no whipped cream on your cocoa--well, there's the mixer, and there's the store. Go to it!

Lynnette said...

Maybe it's just the way the stars are aligning or some shit, but I could give a crap about being ready for Christmas this year or not. You have an excuse at least LOL!!!

The presents are wrapped. I'll bake if I bake, and won't if I don't. Yadda yadda blah blah.

Wish we were together for rum and nog Dympna. You could come here. And sit by the fireplace and knit with me. Now that would be a nice Christmas.

Dympna said...

I think I've had to many Christmas' under my belt to worry about them. That and the fact that my husband would always get mad at me when I had to work Christmas. As if I could do anything about it. Of course he thought I could.
So everyone enjoy the day. It is for family. To hell with presents.
Sadly I can't get drunk on Christmas. I don't think my patients would like that. Lynnette if you want I could call you. LOL