Friday, December 10, 2004

New York City 2004

The kids and I were in New York City from December 1-5. We had a wonderful time.
Our flight to New York was uneventful. We took a taxi from JFK to Grand Central Station. We were all exhausted and couldn't talk much. We did walk around Grand Central a little and had something to eat. We then took the subway up to my friends house. We were in bed early.
Of course that didnt' mean we would be up early the next day. Our internal clocks are 3 hours later than New York.
We did make it over to see the Statue of Liberty on Friday. We didnt' make it to Ellis Island. Had a great time walking around Liberty Island, taking pictures and looking back at Manhattan. I always love being some where in the middle of the water and looking back at land.
We arrived back on Manhattan about 5:30pm. Walked up to the World Trade Site. Walked around there. They have lots of info up about the history of the site and what the plans for the future are.
We then went and walked around Lower Manhattan. Lights and tall buildings were our guide. We had a great time.
We ended up at Little Italy and decided to stop and eat.
After dinner we walked some more.
When we made it back to my friends house our hostest and her daughter were asleep. My friend from Canada and her friend were there so we had a nice visit before we all headed to bed.
Slowly posting pictures.
I get tired of doing it and then sign off and don't go back. Hopefully by Monday I'll have them all up.
Friday was my birthday. We went to the Museum of Modern Art. It was very nice. Met my friends at Rockerfeller Center. Took pictures at the tree. The kids were able to go to The Pokemon Center. The NBC Store and The American Girl Store. So they were happy.
Thank goodness for cell phone. Otherwise I have no idea how we would have met up with our friends.
We took the bus back up to my friends house. We were very loud and obnoxious on the bus. No one said anything to us. Maybe they were afraid of us. LOL
There was a birthday party waiting for me back at my friends house. I had a great time. Drank way to much wine. Called my husband and two friends in the middle of the night. My husband is the only one laughing about the phone call. Good think I only get drunk once or twice a year.
Didn't get to sleep until after 3am. Of course that was only 12midnight San Francisco time.
More later.

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