Wednesday, December 22, 2004

How many day's until Christmas?

My brother spent the night in his new house.
He is very excited. Wish I could feel the same way. Maybe I am just jealous. So one more thing to take day by day. It will all work out.
Got a little Christmas shopping done yesterday.
The one great thing about Christmas is the shops are open on my way home from work. So I was able to shop and be home just 30 mins later then I usually am.
I felt so good.
Now to get my act together so I can go out and buy my brother and sister their presents. Once I get to the store I should be finished in no time. Then over to see my parents then home and I guess we should decorate the tree.
The kids brought it upstairs last night. It is great to have kids that are almost grown up. They go ahead and do things.
I need to find the lights. Maybe I'll just buy new ones.
Who knows.
I can feel the Christmas depression starting to creep in. Must fight it. I've made it this far. Can't let it take over now.
I should feel good that I'm this close and I still feel calm.

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