Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Countdown to 2005

Yesterday I canceled my dentist appointment. I couldn't stop coughing. Not fair to them to cough in their face all the time.
So I took my hubby's portable DVD player to bed with me. Had enough tea and cookies to keep me happy and watched the Bourne Idenity and Supremacy.
I was in heaven. It was also a great gift to myself. Just rest and relax. I woke up this morning feeling good. I also went back on all of my allergy meds. They are good also. So coughing and wheezing down to a minimum.
I'm glad I bought him the DVD player for Christmas. I may have to get myself one. LOL
So back to knitting today. Almost finished with hubbies Irish Hiking Scarf.
Next week I will sit down and figure out what I want to knit for 2005.


Thora said...

Is the coughing from your allergies?

I'd love to see the Irish hiking scarf when you are finished!

Dympna said...

Yep, the coughing is from my allergies.
I'll try and take a picture of the scarves this week.
Since it isn't raining I should be able to go out and get a picture.