Monday, November 29, 2004


A piece of my tooth fell out Saturday night. I was able to get an appt tomorrow morning. It was that or sit in the office until they can see me. I don't have time to sit.
On the last 2 days before our vacation. Watching the weather in New York. While I want it clear while we travel it would be nice for the kids to see some snow. So it can snow on Friday. LOL
Thank you Nancy for your offer to help me with my blog. I am stubborn and feel I should be able to do this on my own. I did go and load some pictures on so we will see what happens to me and my luck in getting pictures here.
I would really like to be able to show the pictures I take in New York.
Not knitting much because I am so busy trying to get laundry done and the house at least neat looking before I leave on Wednesday morning.
Everyone have a great week.


Nancy said...

I hope your tooth isn't painful! I'm a big baby when it comes to the dentist. yuck!

Enjoy New York!


Thora said...

I never thought I would ever hear you say you hoped it would snow. Ha!!!

The Frog said...

Yikes! I have nightmares about losing teeth. Hope all goes well. Good luck with everything!