Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Do you know what is getting me down?

I can't get pictures to load.
I can't download the program that you use here to just load up your pictures. I am trying to do html and am not doing a good job.
When I finally think I am getting pictures up the post takes days to appear and then there are no pictures.
I guess that mean I just have to fool around here more.
I just saw another button that I hadn't noticed before.
Maybe that is the button I'm suppose to push.
We will see later on if I know what I am doing.
Don't hold your breath.


Thora said...

Did you try Picasa/Hello Dympna?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dympna, i can't seem to get into my aol or my knitters w/tude! so i just wanted to let you know the home phone isn't working but the cell is and you can also email me at work!
so excited about your upcoming visit.. are you going to the St Regis with Patricia and I ... im not sure if Thora or Phyllis are coming.. but for me it is a tradition.. sort of my birthday gift to myself! :-) hugs see you soon! karola