Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vacation Over

I am back at work. So I guess that means vacation is over.
I'll get back to my account of vacation.
On the Saturday we went up to Coloma, Ca to Sutter's Mill. That is where gold was found. It was very interesting to see everything. We did stop in Placerville on our way up. The rode along Hwy 49 to Clomoa.
Continued on Hwy 49 at the end of our day to Auburn. Then we got onto 80 to head home.
Sunday we just hung around Elk Grove. We did go to the movies. We saw John Tucker Must Die. It was ok. I think the kids enjoyed it. We were just glad for an air conditioned place to sit in for a while.
Monday we did nothing. Siobain went back to work and we just hung around. Got laundry done. Did some work in the front yard.
Tuesday we were up early to ride into Sonoma with Siobain. I think it has been over 2 years since we were in Sonoma.
Then we went into Santa Rosa. We stopped in at the Luther Burbank Gardens to take the kids picutes.
Then the ride home. Luckly all of our trips have been without incident. We do joke about the differnt things that can happen, but they don't.

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