Friday, August 04, 2006

Summer Vacation 2006 Part 2

Wednesday we went to Folsom.
It is a nice little town along the American River.
We did not get started until 4pm, which meant we arrived in old town Folsom after all the stores closed. I wanted to eat at the tea shop there. We will go back some other time. Hopefully when it is cooler.
We did have a lovely lunch at the Stage Grill. It is in the building where the Folsom Hotel use to be. The food was wonderful. While it was very hot even after 5pm we did walk around for a bit.
We stopped at the Folsom Outlet Mall on the way home. Can't pass up a chance to spend money. The only thing about the out let Mall is that some of the stores charge the same as they do in their regular stores. No fun there.
WE were able to see the lightrail station in Folsom. Now we know how to get there without a car.
Thursday we took my mother to get her hair done. It was the first day when the temps were under 100 degrees. She was very thank full to be able to get out and get her hair done. Brian also got his haircut.
The big event for today was the Strauss Festival in Elk Grove Regional Park. We brough our dinner with us. We even put wine into a water bottle. Then we also bought wine to get glasses that have the Strauss Festival 2006 etched on them. I gave my glass to my husband. It is a very nice little glass.
The weather was just beautiful. The music was lovely. The costumes on the dancers were unbelievable. To bad the pictures of the dancers didnt' come out.
There were fireworks afterwards.

Friday: We went to the Crocker Museum in Sacramento to see the MC Escher exhibit.
The museum is in the Crocker Mansion. The building is absoutley beautiful. The other exhibits in the museum are wonderful. We had a great time looking at everything.

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OceanKnitter said...

Hi Dympna :)

Hey, the Crocker is our client! We've helped them raise $63 million so far, and they're still going. They're annual ball is Dec 2nd, and I'm hoping they have an extra couple of seats at the table, because it's supposed to be the nicest event in Sacto all year. I don't think I could afford to go otherwise at $400/person - eek! I enjoyed seeing all your vacation photos and reading about all the fun. Welcome home to the fog!