Saturday, October 22, 2005

"Dympna needs"

You know how they say to do go to Google and put in "your name needs". I did. I got no hits.
When I didn't use the quotation marks the first hit was for a BBC show.
Then people who are very successful.
I guess I am not sucessful. LOL


washington hiking said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dympna, did the Karola Needs thing and it was weird.. found a Brown's University totally run theater section with a Karola in the bunch.. she seems to be working hard.. but then again i found nothing of me.. darn.. but i have in the past just done a Karola search and found myself in the beginning.. especially with my last name.. a story about my grandfather, dad and myself and our holiday birthdays.. k

Dympna said...

Hey, my name is Dympna as well! I did that Dympna needs thing on google and your page was the first to come up so I just used that!!!!
I think having that so and so needs thing does'nt work if you have a name like Dympna.