Sunday, March 13, 2005

Wear'n of the Green

Today was the St. Patrick's Day Parade in San Francisco
The kids and I went. We had a great time.
The weather was perfect. The sun was out but it wasn't to sunny.
The parade was over around 2pm. That is the earliest I have ever seen it over. They had booths and music down at Civic Center. We did walk around and looked at the booths and listened to the music. A nice way to spend the afternoon. I'm glad we went.
I was able to get tonight off so now I can relax.


Thora said...

St. Patrick's Day parade is my favorite ever. I can't believe it's almost spring!

Glad to see you've been getting some time off. :)

Dympna said...

We've had beautiful weather.
Yep, spring is almost here.
Glad to see you are still around stranger.

Thora said...

Definitely not dead over here! lol...

Hope all is well with you this week. Metro North has two extra trains for the parade. Whoo hooo.....