Monday, March 21, 2005

I thought I would go ahead and update this list

. Heather's socks (Lion Brand Magic Strip) She is actually knitting these. I am just helping her along the way.(One sock completed)
2. Tony's Socks (Retro Rib Socks) I am on the gusset of the second sock.(I finished these socks.
3. Broad Street Mittens ( Cashmere yarn from School Products yarn shop in NYC. I bought this yarn in 2002)The Cashmere does not want to be Broad Street Mittens.
4. Lynnette's Irish Hiking Scarf (I just ordered the yarn for this. I will start it as soon as the yarn arrives. It has been shipped)(Finished 3-20-05)
5. Irish HIking Fingerliess Mitts (I have no idea what yarn I will use)
6. Irish Hiking Legging (yarn)?
7. Siobain's Broad Street Mittens ( One mitten already knitted)
8. Broad Street Mittens for Heather (The same Magic Strip yarn as for her socks. I have the yarn in my stash
9. Brian's Sweater (The flame sweater from Stitch'n Bitch Nation. I need to buy the 7 skeins of black yarn.
10. A hat out of the Lambs Pride Superwash sitting on my bookcase.(Made 2 hats.)


Anonymous said...

It seems you knitted a lot lately. I just finished knitting the heart baby blanket for my grand nephew. Now I have to weave in the ends. Hopefully the mom will like it.

Dympna said...

Listing it like this does help me to see that I have completed things. Especially items in my list. Can't wait to see pictures of the heart blanket.