Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Life goes on

Heather is 18. Time just goes by faster and faster.
My brother's house will be ready Dec 15. I think he is going to try and delay moving in until the first of the New Year. I think my mother wants to be up there for Christmas. So we will see how things go.
Not much knitting going on. I just plod along on the socks of Brians and the baby blanket for my nephew. Wonder if I'll ever finish anything.
I read everyones blogs with all of the artwork and pictures and ask myself why I do more with my blog. Then I get online and I don't want to do more with my blog. I have no ambition.
Maybe I need to have Fiona take a look at everything and help me out. LOL


Thora said...

You all must be so excited about the house!

Dympna said...

Yes, we are all excited about the house.
Just have to be patient.

Lynnette said...

Wow. I can't believe Heather is 18. I feel very old...time is going faster and faster (and happy belated birthday to her!)

I have a million things I want to knit and the speed of a snail lately. I think I better start my Christmas exchange now so that I will get it done in time.

My Azkaban scarf yarn is in at Yarns By Design. Of course it is. I just ordered it from Patternworks.

Thora said...

Does he know you are all moving in with him?

Can I come too?

Dympna said...

Lynnette, I had to laugh. Of course your yarn would be available at both places at the same time. LOL
I haven't shown the pattern to Heather yet. I don't think she is mature enough to be 18. Of course I'm not mature enough either. LOL
Thora. Brian keeps asking my brother when will his house be ready. We just laugh.
It is really short 2 bedrooms for all of us to move in. LOL
The girls did assure my brother that they wouldn't be up there every weekend.
They did tell me that if he moves in before Christmas then they are spending Christmas up there.

Thora said...

Christmas would be nice! Or maybe New Years -