Wednesday, September 15, 2004

LIfe continues

I wrote out a blog during the week about my stupidity. Just as I hit post I lost my aol connection so no one knows about how stupid I am. LOL
My sister in law is home from the hospital.
She had a heart attack on Sunday. She is 50. Talking to her just now she says she has been having chest pain for 6 months. She has no idea what they did to her. She says they put something in her heart.
My husband and her say she just had a mild heart attack. They did an angioplasy and stent placement on Monday. She doesn't understand what that means. I know that is your mind and body protecting you.
She says nothing is wrong.
My husband said they told her she just needs to cut down on smoking. I looked at her discharge stuff. It says she needs to stop smoking.
So I guess i can just hope things go well. I really have no say in the matter. She is an adult, it is her life.
I just told the kids that they have to think about their future health, because it is not good to have a heart attack so young. So I hope they listen.


Thora said...

Family is a trip sometimes. You *know* something is wrong, but they don't see it so you end up hoping for patience as you wait to see what happens when they don't listen. I do hope she feels better soon though! And that she quits smoking.

Lynnette said...

It sounds like you will have a few years of holding your tongue around your SIL. If not only a few months, if she keeps going in this manner.

I am very sorry we do not know how stupid you are. ROFL! Maybe that is a good thing? *g*

But don't worry about it Dympna. I just got done reading about the other side of your family. I know there are stupider people than you, so you are off the hook.

Dympna said...

Thank you Thora and Lynnette.
One good news. She said she didn't crave ciggies in the hospital and the first one she has was ok. So she and her best friend are going to try and quit together. So I hope that helps her.

Thora said...

Buddy system is supposed to work well. Or maybe she could try Welbutrin?

I should try that stuff. Keep meaning to.

Dympna said...

She was told to get the patch, but has decided not to.
Her meds came to almost $300. Just for the month. Tony isn't to concerned because he says that is just because we had to buy them all at once. I don't think he realizes that will be the same every month.
So once again I keep my mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

How awful, Dympna. $300.- is really a lot of money.
I am thinking of you!

Thora said...

Hey, if you can keep quiet go for it but don't hold back if you can't either. Family's family lol - anything goes.