Sunday, July 25, 2004

I'm a good big sister

Friday was my sister's birthday. We went and had our hair done and then I took her out to lunch. We went to a new teashop close to the hairdressers. It was a very nice lunch. Only one other table was occupied. So the place was very quiet. We sat and talked and talked. It was nice not to have to think of anything else.
Then we had to get back to reality. We ran our errands.
My kids met us at my parent so we gave my sister her birthday present. Last year I didn't get her much of a gift, no money. So this year we gave her a portable DVD player, headphones, and a carrying case. She was so shocked. We then lent her some of our many DVD's. She says last night she stayed up way to late watching one of the movies.
Only two more nights of work and I'm on vacation. Granted it I'm only off for 8 nights, but that is better then nothing.


Thora said...

oo, tell her about netflix. Have you seen that site yet? You get three (or four?) dvds a month for a fee. After you send one back, you get the next one on your wish list.

Lynnette said...
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Dympna said...

Lynnette, you are so funny. If you comment disapears it is my fault. I clicked on the garbage can and it said I deleted your post. Can't let me near a computer. LOL
Thora, Tony belongs to netflix. He rents old movies that none of us want to see. I like going to Hollywood video.