Tuesday, July 13, 2004

All Star Game

Tonight is the All Star Game. I'll try and watch as much as I can. As usual there is so much to do around her I really shouldn't be watching TV. I will anyway.

My mother is finding herself a lot more tired then she thought she would. PT and OT came today. She was tired before they even got there. They are both coming back on Friday but there should be a 3 hour break between the two of them.

I'm almost finished with my exchange gift. I should take it with me to work. Then I have a better chance to finish.Im at the boring part. Tha is ok. It looks cute. I picked a good color. Considering I am using yarn from my stash.

I really feel that I have been ignoring my blog. I do not have time to spend on the computer to make it look any different then it does already. So one of these days I'll have time.

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