Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's been awhile

I"ve been knitting and going to work and spending time with my Father. He was in Hospital in July with Pneumonia. Thankfully he has recoverd. As good as new.

I finished a pair of socks for Sock For Soldiers. I just need to send them out.

I have another pair of socks for Socks for Soldiers on the needle. I don't have to knit the legs on the new socks since someone with a CSM knit the legs. It is nice to have the socks half finished when I start them. The pair to the left I knit from the first stitch to the last. They are knit with Knit Picks Essential in Buckskin. They are a very nice pair of socks.

I also knit a pair of Fetching Mitts for my exchange partner from Knit & Chat. I'm not sure if I can do any more exchanges. While I love doing them I just am having a hard time being creative when I try and put the package together. These mitts were knit using Knit Picks. Swish Superwash. The Fetching Mitts are a very quick knit and everyone seems to love getting a pair.
As always I hope to start posting more. It just depends on my moods.


Susanna said...

Everything looks lovely.
Please, let me know where you found the pattern of Fetching.

Dympna said...

The Fetching Mitts are from Knitty.com

fran said...

Those Fetchings look super comfy!

I hope today hasn't been too hard for you hun, i hope you were surrounded with love and that your Mum was with you somehow x

fran x