Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I"m knitting again

I'm not knitting much but I do have a new pair of socks on my needles and I've been working on my Cap Shawl.
I've been able to go to work, be friendly and sometimes be very quiet. It is funny but I find that I'm missing my Mother when I'm at work in the middle of the night. I could not talk to my mother when I was at work so it is strange.
I'm up with my Father right now. We are all doing well. We just take it easy.
Try not to make stupid comments to people you don't know.
Take a deep breath when strangers do things that anoy you. They don't know how you feel so don't take it personally.
I think that is my new mantra of sorts.
Still want to write more about my mother I just haven't been able to put pen to paper as she use to say.


tiggerr said...

My mantra has been 'no regrets'.

Sorry for the loss of your mom.


danielle said...

I am sorry to hear about your loss. Wish I could say it gets doesnt...but it gets more bearable. I lost my mom in the mid 90's and my dad in 97. I still sometimes forget they are not around...and then it hits me hard when I realize I had forgotten! But it does get to be a not everyday/every minute sorrow. What makes it harder is seeing someone like your dad, who was with your mom so much longer than you, dealing with being alone. Cherish your time with him now.

Jules said...

You just take however long you want to process it all. It's not easy & I found no matter how strong of a person I thought I was, this was something that was entirely different for me to deal with.