Saturday, January 27, 2007

January Sock of the Month

January Sock of the Month
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Here are the socks I knit with my gift from Franney. They are so comfortable.


franney said...

Fantastic socks luv, i am so glad you enjoyed bth the yarn and the pattern, sorry i didn't make sure it was quite right before i sent it though!
I'll be doing myself a pair at some point this year as they are now in my PSotM club too ;o)

Tammy said...

These are beautiful socks!! Lucky you.

Morenna said...

Gorgeous socks! What pattern did you use?

Dympna said...

Pattern for the socks is from Stitches of Violet. It is czlleed Basetweave Ribbing Socks.
Franney don't worry about the fact that the pattern is wrong on the website. It isn't your fault. I looked thru it many times and thought it looked fine, it wasn't until I was knitting the socks that I realized the pattern wouldnt' work.