Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year.

Hope everyone had a great 2007. I was at work last night to welcome in the New Year. Almost missed it.
Hope everyone is lable to get lots of knitting done in 2007.
Join me in your own personal Sock of the Month Club.
To join you get your needles, yarn and patterns together for the next 12 months. Then each month you knit yourself a pair of socks. Then at the end of the year you ahve 12 socks.
I already cast on for my January sock. I am using Opal yarn. 2 Addi turbo circular needles and the pattern is Basketweave Ribbin Socks from Stitches of Violet. I am having fun and looking forward to a new pair of socks.

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franney said...

Count me in!
This month i am working on Opal Zebras in a chevron pattern called "welt fantastic" from "Sensational Knitted Socks" by Charlene Schurch. Two at once, top down, alternating between two circs and magic loop depending on how tired i am of fighting with the tangling yarn *lol*