Saturday, June 10, 2006

Amazing Lace #2 Extreme Knitting

I was reading the rule of the Second Challenge and I couldn't figure out how I could ever come up with anything that was extreme.
I thought I go to the fire station and see if they will let me knit on the engine.
I'll have the kids take a picture of me knitting on a a packed MUNI streetcar.
Then last night while I work, I engaged in EXTREME KNITTING!!!!!!!!!
I had my pattern, my yarn, my circular needles, but not my dpn's.
I wanted to start my Pi Shawl now. Not wait until I got home.
I went and got 4 packs of cotton tipped applicators. I've made them into dpn's before. I usually just cut of the cotton tip and then file down the ends.
This time i did not have an emery board to do the filing with. I only had a pencil sharpner.
Let us just say it is not easy to make stitchs using cotton tip applicators that have been sharpned with a pencil sharpner.
Pictures to follow.


Jeanette said...

Wow! I think modifying q-tips to use as dpns sounds like extreme knitting to me - in a MacGyver sorta way!

Great thinking! I've never heard of anyone doing that before.

OceanKnitter said...

I have got to see this! Dympna, if I'm ever stranded on a desert island I will definitely want Q-Tips. That is totally X-treme!

Theresa said...

The extremeness is all around us, isn't it?