Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I did not finsh my sweater for the Knitting Olympics.
I am listed as DNF. It is ok. I will eventually finish the sweater.
I think I just need to take it slow if I want to knit Intarsia. Can't force myself to do it.
It took me over 6 months to finish the Flame Sweater for my son and that was only on the sleeves. So how did I expect to finsh a whole sweater in 16 days?
Truth is I never expected to finish the sweater. I just thought I would finish more of it.
Ah well.
It will get done one way or the other.
We had a terrible storm blow thru here Sun and Monday. Luckly I didn't get to wet. My son was soaked coming home from school Monday, better then on the way to school.
We are suppose to get more rain this week. Hope no one else gets soaked this week.

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