Monday, February 20, 2006

Knitting Olympics Progress cont....

I've been sidlined with an injury.
My hands are falling apart. It is winter. My hands always fall apart in the winter. When I signed up for the Olympic Knitting started the weather was nice and sunny. My hands were in good shape.
I guess you could call me the Tonya Harding of Knitting Olympics.
I've finished one sleeve, started the other sleeve, I think I've finished 5 rows on the ribbing. I think I've knitted 2 more rows on the back of the sweater. I think I'm doing well and then I realize I picked up the light orange instead of the bright orange. So that means I have to rip back and start again. I'll do my best to knit this week. I do have Fri/Sat night off so I'm good for a few hours of knitting then.
Hope everyone else is doing great with their knitting.

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