Saturday, April 23, 2005

Thank you to everyone

I want to thank everyone who wrote to me. My mother is doing well. She is in rehab having PT and OT every day. Not able to get around without help but she can feed herself and sit in a chair without support.
I will go back up on Monday and stay until Saturday.
My father will be 85 on April 29 and my hubby is 50 April 30.
I've worn my Clapotis and I love it.
It is actually a very small shawl. I already cast on with the left over yarn and will add one more repeat in the increase section so it is a little wider and one more repeat in the middle section so it is longer.
While I will not stop buying Helen's Laces I do feel that the Shimmer is just as soft. We will now see how it looks after a few yarns.

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