Monday, January 10, 2005


Day before moving day for my brother and parents. My son wanted to take today off from school to help pack. I think I'll keep him out tomorrow so they don't leave while he is in school. I'm hoping to get next Sunday and Monday night off so he and I can go up and spend time with my parents.
This will be both exciting and sad. My girls will go up with my parents and cat. They have no return date. I'm sure once the big stuff is unpacked my parents will start to settle in. My brother is off the rest of the month so at least he will be there. My sister is picking up a car for the next week, so she will be mobile up there to get things done.
Hope we are all able to stay calm.


Lynnette said...

Good luck to everyone, and I hope you can all stay off each others last nerve *g*. The crappy weather sure isn't helping things.

Dympna said...

Sun today.
We did have moments, but we survived.
They are in Elk Grove now.