Friday, January 28, 2005


I'm trying to knit 10 items from my stash before I go out and buy new yarn.
Stitches West is in less than a month. I don't think I'm going to make it. LOL
I actually thought I would concentrate on getting knitting gifts at Stitches this year. I join exchanges and always have a hard time deciding what I should buy to put into the package. My kids say they want to go with me. Actually the girls say they want to go. My son will be coming without a choice. Poor kid.
Rain is back. Hopefully it won't last to long.
It is the weekend. I would like to be able to get out without getting soaked. I'm not a fan of hot and sweaty raincoats.
As always I am exhausted. Wonder if I'll feel better when it is time to go back to work. I doubt it. LOL


Thora said...

Good grief - is it still raining? Sorry to hear it. We're having a heat wave (30's).

You could do 10 projects. :)

I tried spinning tonight. I can't even put the drive belt on right lol.

Dympna said...

Well I did finish Tony's scarf and those 4 blanket squares. So that is 2 projects. I'm helping Heather finish her socks and I knitting Tony a pair of socks. So that is two more projects. Right now I have 2 weeks until stitches. I could always buy yarn that I am going to use for gifts. That would by pass the 10 items from stash plan. LOL