Monday, August 09, 2004

What I did on my summer vacation

Didn't you just hate this essay when you went back to school?
My family hardly ever went on big vacations. We went away every weekend, but that was it.
So I try and take my kids away for at least a week, my brother trys to take them away also.
My trip usually is to my sisters. She has 3 dogs and I have none so my kids get a week with the dogs.
We usually cram ourselves into a car and drive. Our week usually goes like this:
Friday. Drive up to Aunties work to get her paycheck, then into Sonoma for lunch.
The only problem we had with the drive up was the traffic. It was a Friday afternoon. Eveyone trying to leave the city. Then the was a race at Searspoint so we had to detour around there not to get caught in traffic.
The other thing we learned is. When someone in the car thinks they may have a nut allergy don't try to eat Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The person with the allergy turned out to be the driver. So while she is seeing stars not sure if she can breathe, we are frantically trying to put all the peanut butter cups in the bag and closing it up. Windows all open, she is sticking her head out the window while trying to drive. Luckly she felt ok once the smell of the peanut butter was gone.
I love stopping at Sonoma. We went to the Cheese Factory to get sandwiches. Ate at the square. Walked around and looked at the stores. Then started our trip to Aunties house.
The dogs were very happy to see us. The kids were very happy to see the dogs.
Sat: Late start as usual. Just to many people to get up and out. Today our drive is up to Elk Grove to see my brother's new house to be. First a stop at the Jelly Belly factory.
When we went to Elk Grove we met my brother and looked at some of the modle homes. His home will be beautiful. We were able to go to the lot that he will have his house on. We had fun dreaming. Had lunch/dinner at a wonderfull Italian place called the Macaroni Grill. After we went back to the house site so my brother could choose the outside color of his house. We then went over to Arden Fair Mall. The mall closed before we were finished shopping. Then drove all the way back to Santa Rosa.
Sunday: BBQ at Angies. Had to get up and go to Target and Trader Joes before we could go to Angies. We brought dessert. It was cool at Angies house which meant we could sit outside most of the time. She has a nice pool so it was nice to sit out there. Her black lab joined the kids in the pool. We left to late as usual.
Monday: Our goal was to drive up Hwy 101 as far as we could go. We didnt' leave Santa Rosa until 2pm so we only made it up to Wilits. We had fun anyway. Ate lunch in a park in Ukiah. We stopped at the fire station to get directions. They gave us a map. On the way home we stopped in Cloverdale. Heather wanted to go to the market to get pajamas ( just like we did 2 years ago). We were able to find the park that we ate in 2 years ago. Home late again.
Tuesday we went to the Sonoma County Fair. It was a warmer day then all the rest but not outragious. We filled ourselves with food on a stick. Saw cows being milked. Sheep being sheared. You know the fun stuff that city folk don't get to see. Dinner was a Willy Bird Restaurant.
Wednesday we stayed around Santa Rosa. We went to the mall. Target and then the Wednesday night market. We always have fun there. We also spend our time eating whatever you can eat from you had.
Thursday was our trip home. First we went to The Luther Burbank Gardens to take our yearly pictures of the kids. We then head out to the coast by way of Guernville. We went down into Bodega Bay to have lunch. It was very windy all along the coast and just not fun to eat at any of the beaches. We always make a stop at the Tides Inn. This time we even went into Bodega to see St. Teresa's Church. Had to make a stop in Petaluma looking for my cell phone. I found it. We do enjoy seeing the city as we drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. It is just sad when it means the end of our vacation.

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Thora said...

What a great vacation! You always have a good time going to see your sister. :)