Saturday, March 08, 2008

So I do have readers.

I need to post more often. I know that. I spend way to much time on Ravelry.
Had a great time at Stitches West. Still need to take pictures of what I bought.
I finished knitting Tudora from I used some of my Malabrigo. I'm using the rest of my Malabrigo to make Fettching mitts for myself.
They will be so soft.
Not having my own computer does slow down getting my pictures up here.
Hopefully by the summer I'll have my own computer then I can spend even more time ignoring family and paying attention to my online friends. LOL
Thank you very much to my loyal readers.


Jules said...

I can't wait for that computer then!;)

Anonymous said...

Why do you spend so much time at Ravelry? I don't find it interesting at all, even though I joined several groups.

Laura said...

I know exactly what you mean about spending too much time on blog is suffering too and I'm not checking in with all my pals blogs either, which has to stop!