Thursday, November 09, 2006

The sun is shinning

It is so nice to see the sun.
It is actually warm out there. Yesterday it was so windy I thought it was March.
Trying to knit, but I just can't pay attention.
I'll just remind myself I need to knit a little every day.
Trying to get my scarf exchange package out before the weekend.
Must remember to take a picture first.


franney said...

Slow and steady wins the race ;o)
Hope you're feeling better luv *hugs*

Jo said...

Hallo Dympna and a bit damp blowy hug from West Cork for you! It's gloomy and dark and dank here, and honestly you're better off in California right now! Ireland as you well know, doesn't do winter at all well. Whereabouts are you? I know California fairly well (although mostly the non-inhabited bits).
Shall I join in on the One Skein Knitalong with you? What does it entail?

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns

Jo said...
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Dympna said...

Thanks for your comments everyone.