Friday, September 15, 2006


I have started so many new projects and just don't seem to be able to finish them. I'm still at a standstill on my Pi Shawl. I think I just need to sit down and not do anything else for awhile. I have no idea when that will happen.
I started
I've finshed one Fetching mitt and have the other one to finish. I'm using South West Trading Co. Bamboo yarn. Lovely yarn. I highly recomend it.
I started a scarf that I will now rip out. I'm using Art Fibers Alfabeto in blue. It is lovely yarn. The scarf is a Diagonal Rib pattern. I made a mistake and must rip it out. I think I will reknit it on size 7 needles. The 6's make it feel rather tight.
Then I have my Clapotis that I want to make in Malbriggo.
Would be nice to finish all of these in the month of Sept.

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