Saturday, July 01, 2006


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These signs are up all over the BART system. Aren't they neat?
I like to sit and knit just below the sign but haven't found one right at a seat yet. I'll have to keep looking.


OceanKnitter said...

That is a fantastic sign! I'll have to look for one on my next BART ride.

Have a great Fourth!


Abigale said...

Hey Dympna!

Since I never leave Marin, I'm wondering what in the world are the Bart people thanking us for? Just curious.

Glad you found me! I'm one of those people that tends to isolate a bit when things aren't going so great - and I went through a bit of a hard time there for a while. Things are good now, and I'm happy, working, knitting, spinning, blogging (not as often as I'd like though) and just generally waiting for the whatever's going to happen next!

Have fun!


al said...

yeah! i love this sign!