Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I thought I had another post

Or maybe I dreamed I had another post. You know I can never tell when I do these things. Lovely weather that past few days. Nice to see the sun for a change.

Monday, September 19, 2005


We've had a busy start to our week. Brian had his first day in high school He went by himself on the bus. Wouldn't' let any of us go with him. He said the day went well. Of course kids never tell you anything.
Heather got her wisdom teeth out today. She is sitting on the couch getting waited on. That is they way she likes to be treated.
I'm off this week. Will probably go up to my mothers on Friday. I hope to get Brian's sweater finished this week. Then I can work on my shawl.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bringing this up to the top.

1.Heather's socks (Lion Brand Magic Strip) She is actually knitting these. I am just helping her along the way.(One sock completed)
2. Tony's Socks (Retro Rib Socks)Completed
3.Broad Street Mitten
4. Lynnette's Irish Hiking Scarf ( Completed 3-20-05)
5. Irish HIking Fingerliess Mitts Complteted
6. Irish Hiking Legging- Knit Picks Shimmmer
7. Siobain's Broad Street Mittens ( One mitten already knitted)
8. Broad Street Mittens for Heather (The same Magic Strip yarn as for her socks. I have the yarn in my stash
9. Brian's Sweater (The flame sweater from Stitch'n Bitch Nation.Front, back and almost one sleeve finished.
10. A hat out of the Lambs Pride Superwash sitting on my bookcase.(Made 2 hats.)

Updating my list

Finished items for 2005
1. Tony's Irish Hiking Scarf
2. 4 cotton Squares for Blanket
3. Retro Rib Socks for Tony
4. Multi Directional Diagional Scarf
5. Lynette's Irish Hiking Scarf
6. Lynette's Irish Hiking Mitts
7. Clapotis Scarf
8. Clapotis Shawl for my exchange partner
9. Susan's Irish Hiking Scarf
10. Susan's Irish Hiking Mitts

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sept 11, 2005

4 years later. Makes you think.
I am consumed with the sadness and loss of life from The Gulf Coast.
I contributed my money like everyone else. The kids and I will get our used clothes thogether and call up the Salvation Army.
At this point in my life it is all I can do.
I am very happy for my little life. Even if it does anoy me from time to time.
I will also update our disaster supplies. Then try to figure out how I would be able to get myself and my kids out of the city if we had to.
I do not drive and do not have a car, so I guess the kids and I better learn how to walk with a pack on our backs.
My biggest fear is that I will be at work. I work on the other side of the Bay. On a normal day it takes me 90 minutes to get home.
I guess we need to sit down and plan out what we will do in the event of a disaster and we can't make it home.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

September already?

I can't belive that summer is already over. San Francisco hasn't seen much sun as usual. This is suppose to be the start of our good weather. We did have a few nice days last week, but the past few days have been foggy.
I am waiting for the sun and they tell us we may have an early autumn. I don't want that. I want an Indian Summer.
Still trying to knit Brian's sweater. Started a shawl. I should wait until Brian's sweater is finished, but I didn't.