Monday, September 19, 2005


We've had a busy start to our week. Brian had his first day in high school He went by himself on the bus. Wouldn't' let any of us go with him. He said the day went well. Of course kids never tell you anything.
Heather got her wisdom teeth out today. She is sitting on the couch getting waited on. That is they way she likes to be treated.
I'm off this week. Will probably go up to my mothers on Friday. I hope to get Brian's sweater finished this week. Then I can work on my shawl.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Dympna,
sorry you have such yucky commenters so far.. so i figured i needed to spice things up for you! :-) well its just boring here in nyc.. but the yarn purge on saturday felt good and tomorrow nite the stuff will be loaded up on to ebay.. yippee.. and saturday will be the exciting yard sale and the rest will go to good will or salvation army .. i just don't want it back in the house! :-) kori had a fun day on sunday with 4 friends from school.. just hanging out listening to music dancing and singing and having pizza and donuts.. nothing exciting.. but she was so happy with her prezzies.. 2 gift certs to Barnes & Noble which one of them she used yesterday to get 2 books for school.. test preps for 5th graders.. go figure.. she is so smart and worries even more.. but i hoped she would have gotten books to read.. oh well next time.. i've going to post some photos on my picturetrail theladybugknits site shortly.. you won't believe how much she has grown since those pictures came out! look in the family album.. and then friends that don't knit for some shots of Damian performing.. actually i might put that into the 15 minutes of fame album.. hugs karola