Monday, February 21, 2005


Travel in California this weekend has been an adventure.
Fiona went down to Santa Barbara on Friday. She left the house here about 6am and I think she made it there about 10pm. I dont' think they bothered to tell the drivers of the Amtrak bus that there is no direct way to get to Santa Barbara from Bakersfield. The same think coming back. Fiona said both drivers tried to get thru and then had to back tack down to Los Angeles. Of course the fact that there are no train track thru Santa Barbara didnt' help her travel woes either.
So now Fiona is going to Sacramento. Luckly my brother lives by there so he will pick her up and take her home so she can sleep in a bed instead of a bench in the Amtrak station.
Our train from Sacramento to the Bay Area was delayed to wait for people coming from Aburn. I guess they had an interesting trip because of all the snow.
If I'm not mistaken there were at least 3 tornado's in California this weekend and countless funnel clouds.
Glad I didnt' get suck in most of the traffic and weather problems of our weekend.

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